Meet the Team


Darren S. Denington

Darren founded Service With Style in 1998 with the passion and drive to help restaurants succeed and thrive. He has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and has an extensive background as a Food and Beverage Director, Executive Chef, General Manager, Restaurant Owner, Staff Trainer and Consultant.

Rhonda Kloosterman

Rhonda manages the financial aspects of SWS including billing, accounts receivables and payables, office and shopper payroll and P&L.

Ellen Hughes

Director of Secret Shopping
Ellen works closely with the Secret Shopping clients to produce quality reports and to ensure that all expectations are met.

Ann Geoghagan

Ann, a graduate of the hospitality program from Auburn University is excited to join the coaching team. She plays a large role in providing guidance and resources to our 5 Star Members to add value to their businesses.

Shelli Denington

Secret Shopping Coordinator
Shelli is responsible for assuring that all of our Secret Shopping clients have dates filled, as well as recruiting and training new shoppers.

Kyra Denington

Office Associate
Kyra assists with running secret shopping reports for our clients, along with various office administration duties.

Julie Lee

Julie joined the SWS Team in 2016, and is responsible for the setup and maintance of the secret shopping software and scheduling of observations with our shoppers.

Mike Eligon

Executive Assistant
Mike assists with all daily activities at the office. He acts as a liaison for 5 Star membership clients that need to contact members of the coaching team.

Art Welhoelter

Coach / Partner
Art assists our 5 Star members and coaching clients with guidance on financials, growth strategies and company structure.

Writers and Editors

Megan Eppler - Kelly Lawson - Mike Hamm

The Editors play a crucial role in revising and editing the flow, spelling and grammar errors in our reports before they are sent to the clients.