Do You Just Want to Say Hello or Have a Question?
We truly value each of our observers and are happy to take care of any request you need from us.  Please send us an email.

Do You Need To Change Your Information With Us?
First, change your profile in Shop Metrics and then email your new information to us with all the details.

Do You Need To Change A Scheduled Observation Date?
Some observations are date specific.  Please include the visit details, scheduled date, new date, your name and shopper number. Requests must be received 48 hours prior to your observation.

Do you have a question about payroll?
If you have payroll questions please be sure to include the shop that was completed, the date and a specific question.


If you have any other questions, please contact us at

Helpful Links

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Download Internet Spell Check


Online Secret Shopping System



Sandals International Resorts

Operations Leadership Team

"For the past 15 years, the Service With Style, Secret Shopping program has provided invaluable and powerful information directly to our operations team. The SWS team has become intimate with our brand and continues to push us to remain focused on our guest experience. Thank you for the amazing reports."




"I would personally recommend the Service With Style Secret Shopping program to any Restaurant or Bar looking for ways to improve their operation and lower their costs."


Buffalo Wild Wings


"Service With Style is always on time with their reports and they hit on all the major points we are looking for. The shops are very detail oriented and have helped keep our management on their toes!"