If I’m Doing Their Job, Who’s Doing Mine?

It’s very easy to put off work you don’t want to do or get caught up in the simple tasks right in front of you.  

As I walk through the restaurant today, I’m really looking at what duties each employee is doing.  Most times you just want to make sure they are working and keeping busy, but follow me for a minute…. it could mean the success of your business.

The first thing I see is the line cook helping with dishes.  While this is going on, a few extra tickets come in and the Kitchen Manager decides to help and cover the line.  Later that day the GM is imputing the inventory numbers because the Kitchen Manager left and didn’t have time to finish it.   The next morning I find myself, as the owner, working on the daily receipts to help out the GM.  Great team work right?  Wrong!

Who does that leave to do the owners job?  If everyone is working down a pay grade then no one is truly earning their salary.

Everyone was trying to be nice and help out someone else or take the easy road doing the simple tasks.  If you can completely turn this around and instead of everyone working down a level, have them work up a level, the result can be very productive.

Make sure you have the best dishwashers in the world so they never need help and want to learn how to cook.  They become partial prep or line cooks.  That gives the line cooks a little time to help with inventory, ordering or deliveries which helps the Kitchen Manager so they can work with the GM on hiring, orientation or daily receipts.  Now, the GM has a little time to help the owner with Marketing and Financial controls and the owner can focus on what is really important for the business.  This is a great way to advance employees and an easy transition to promote from within when needed.

Work ON the business not IN it.

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