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You are just a few short steps away from starting a Secret Shopping Program designed to take your business over-the-top in quality and service. This will provide you best-in-class reports, analytics, and insights that will help you train your team as you continue to always improve.

Once you complete the form below, we will contact you directly for a brief conversation to review your Secret Shopping report, location details, schedule details, and the overall program.

Monthly Programs




Secret Shopping
Detailed reports by quality shoppers
Statistical Reporting
Track all your Secret Shopping report scores online
Report Customization
Personalize your Secret Shopping reports
Online Software System
Personalized setup and training of software system
   Custom Questionnaires/Digital Comment Cards   
Get feedback directly from your customers
Utlize our reporting system for Business Inspections, Employee Evaluations and Employee Questionnaires
Webinar Passes
Free passes to educational webinars for Managers & Owners
Service Consultation
Quarterly phone session to review and continually work on improving your service program
Staff Training
Personalized staff training webinar
Services Sign Up
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Volume discounts for more than 5 locations
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Terms of Service:

Service With Style agrees to:

  • Complete a thorough and professional observation survey of the entire establishment

  • Properly recruit, train and work with high-quality observers


  • Services available in US & Canada

  • Observations will be completed in approximately 2 weeks and you will be notified if we are not able to complete the observation

  • The "Base Price" is for each observation, plus visit expenses incurred during the observation. Observation expenses only apply to the observation location for purchases to complete the shop. Charges such as parking, tolls, admission, or fees may apply. Prices are in US currency.  Credit Terms are 15 days. 

  • Monthly Programs will continue until Service With Style is notified in writing. 15 days notice is required to cancel Monthly Programs can be canceled anytime after 90 days.

  • The company name, “Service With Style, LLC” cannot be disclosed as we are not responsible for any disciplinary or legal action as a result of the observation report.