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Sandals International Resorts

Operations Leadership Team

"For the past 15 years, the Service With Style, Secret Shopping program has provided invaluable and powerful information directly to our operations team. The SWS team has become intimate with our brand and continues to push us to remain focused on our guest experience. Thank you for the amazing reports."




"I would personally recommend the Service With Style Secret Shopping program to any Restaurant or Bar looking for ways to improve their operation and lower their costs."


Buffalo Wild Wings


"Service With Style is always on time with their reports and they hit on all the major points we are looking for. The shops are very detail oriented and have helped keep our management on their toes!"

Terms of Service:

Service With Style agrees to:           

  • Complete a thorough, professional observation report of the entire establishment

  • Submit the observation through our On-Line Reporting System

  • Include Statistical Reporting—Score Tracking in the program

  • Promptly make any changes or updates to the report

  • Properly recruit, train and work with high quality observers

  • Be available for updates and meetings to keep the program current and of high quality


Monthly Volume Pricing (Restaurants / Bars)

1 – 5 visits per month / $85.00 each
6 - 20 visits per month / $80.00 each
21 – 50 visits per month / $75.00 each
51 - 100 visits per month / $70.00 each
101+ visits per month / $65.00 each

1 Night Hotel: $399.00  | 2 Night Hotel: $699.00  |  Phone Call Shops:  $40.00  |  Retail Stores: $70.00


We will contact you to go over all of the specific reporting, scheduling and user information so we can customize our program to fit your needs.

  • Observations will be scheduled rotating the time periods and days of the week.  Specific observation dates will be accommodated when possible for a $15.00 service charge.

  • Excessive report changes will incur a change fee.  Late night time period observation (10pm or later) is an additional fee of $15.  The observation schedule can be adjusted by the client at any time.

  •  Price is for each observation plus visit expenses incurred during the observation.  Prices are in US currency.  Credit Terms are 15 days.  A late fee of $35.00 will be added to all overdue invoices.

  • You will also be held liable for all reasonable costs of collections and attorney fees.

  • The company name, “Service With Style, LLC” cannot be disclosed as we are not responsible for any disciplinary or legal action as a result of the observation report.

  • The observation schedule is flexible to meet the requirements of the agreed amount of observations over the 12 month period.

  •  Monthly programs are for a duration of 12 months and will automatically renew unless Service With Style, LLC  is notified in writing 30 days prior to the end of this contract.

  • Any monthly programs discontinued before the end of the 12 month period will be charged 50% of the observation fee for the remaining months of this agreement.