Surveys+ provides several additional options to Secret Shopping in order for you to gather insightful details on all aspects of your business.

Customer Questionnaires

Customer/Client/Guest Questionnaires allow your customers to complete an online assessment about their previous visits.  This provides you with powerful feedback directly from the people that know you best. Find out what your customers think, what they want, and the areas where you can improve.

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Restaurant Audits

Our trained Auditors will go over every aspect of your establishement and create an extremely detailed and in-depth report on quality, procedures, safety, facilities and operations.  These reports will help you operate more efficiently and improve profitability.


Comment Cards

Digital Comment Cards allow your customers to fill out a questionnaire during their visit to give you feedback about their most recent experience.  Online comment cards are a great way to capture your customers feelings about your business and acquire their email information.

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Business Inspections

The Business Inspection form will allow your own managers to do an internal audit on your business. The report can be customized to your operation and can bring a new perspective to your business.


Employee Questionnaires

Send Employee Questionnaire links to your staff and managers to get feedback from their perspective.  You will gain a great understanding of your employees, which will allow you to improve the workplace through employee morale and increased productivity.

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Employee Evaluations

The management team completes a thorough Employee Evaluation on your staff members with our online service. This incredible assessment tool is quick and easy to complete and assists you in coaching your employees to be the best they can possibly be.