Take a Fresh Look – It may give your Restaurant a burst of new energy!

Each year at this time, I get a great burst of energy for my business and always try to look at things a little differently to start the New Year on a great note.  Here are 8 things that I suggest every owner and managers should do at this time of the year.

  1. Make a List – Start your next day off like it is your first.  Get a fresh pad of paper and walk through every aspect of the restaurant making notes on things to fix, change, improve and items to get done.
  2. Delegate – Take your new “To Do List” and create a list for every single employee on your team.  Get them all helping, even if it is simple little things anyone can do.
  3. Financials – Take a full day and get your entire financial picture in order.  Budget, banking, etc.  Balance your accounts and get a fresh beginning.
  4. Employee Evaluations – Take this time and sit down “One on One” with each employee and let them know what they are doing right, where they can improve and your areas of focus.
  5.  Marketing – Create 3 new marketing ideas and put a timeline on them.  Focus on the next two to four month period.  Try to do one mailer, one event and one special promotion.  If you need someone to brainstorm with, feel free to call me anytime.  I’ve always got lots of ideas.
  6. Challenge 4 employee’s – Select your top two and bottom two employees’.  Give each of them more of your time and pull more out of them.  Get your top employees involved in more management topics and spend the additional time training your least effective employees.
  7. Brain Storming – Hold a brain storming session with five to seven of your most creative employees.  Focus on creative selling techniques and marketing ideas.
  8.  Survey your guests – I can’t tell you how important it is to know what your guests think and collect their information for marketing.  Take a look at the great special we are offering right now.  No start up fee’s and only 80 cents a survey.

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