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Since 1998, Service With Style has strived to provide valuable information to business owners and managers by helping them understand their guests' perspective, identifying areas for their business to improve upon, and providing them with the tools to train their staff.  We identified early on that if our detailed shopping reports were combined with a strong management team and a well-trained staff, the business had the ability to do great things.

At the core of our company is a passion for service and the guest/customer experience.  While working closely with thousands of establishments across the country, we have developed a clear and proven approach to helping businesses succeed through Secret Shopping, Team Training, Consulting and Surveying.

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The Most Profitable Businesses Serve Their Customers Best

As a business, you need to know how customers feel about your brand.  Do they feel appreciated and acknowledged?  Frustrated and ignored?  For over 22 years, our cutting-edge mystery shopping company has helped thousands of businesses deliver a stellar customer experience to drive sales and increase brand loyalty.

Customer Perception Is Your Brand’s Reality

Are you having difficulty driving repeat business? Struggling to acquire favorable customer reviews to help build brand awareness? Have you been wondering why other businesses seem to be pulling in all the new customers? Satisfied customers are the champions of your brand, a powerful marketing tool, and a crucial element to your future success. So, how can you create a more successful Customer Service Experience program?

It’s All in How You Are Treated: Expect the Extraordinary

As an international leader in secret shopping, we’re passionate about making great businesses even better. Service With Style helps you understand guests’ perspectives to improve customer experiences. We identify problem areas, provide tools for staff training, and create a customer experience program that drives better business results.

Innovative Services for Powerful Business Insights

Mystery shopping services provide influential research that helps your brand make personal connections with every customer. We help you develop a more reliable management team and fully-trained staff to increase sales, promote brand loyalty, and lock-in repeat customers.

Exceptional People and Outstanding Service

Since 1998, Service with Style has delivered insights that positively impact the clients we serve. Our clear and proven approach helps provide an extraordinary experience to your customers. Let us help your brand meet at the crossroads of what your customer wants most and what your team does best. 

Our Signature Programs can help you every step of the way:SERVICE WITH STYLE

  • Mystery Shopping & Compliance Audits
  • Team Training
  • Brand Reputation Monitoring
  • Experienced Consulting Services
  • Customer Feedback Surveying
  • Employee Engagement Service
  • Integrated Shopping Reports, Analytics, and Insights

Improve Customer Service and Unlock Your Brand’s Full Potential

You are on your way to record business growth with more satisfied customers. Speak with one of our Service Experts to get the valuable information you need to bring your brand to the next level of business success.

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