Become a Secret Shopper

We are looking for people who:

  • Are observant, detailed and professional

  • Are experienced with computers

  • Have excellent writing and grammar skills

  • Have a strong background in hospitality

If you enjoy eating, drinking, shopping and lodging at local businesses while getting paid, then apply now!

Mystery Shopping Service With Style

We will review your shopper application when we are hiring in your area. In order to become a Service With Style shopper, you will need to complete a brief training program prior to your first observation being scheduled.

Once you are a part of the Service With Style team, you will have access to the observations that are available in your area.  Our listings will include further details about the shop, such as the amount we pay, the dates you can complete the visit, and the criteria for you to observe.  Qualified shoppers will complete the report via our online system and receive a monthly check for their visits and expenses.

So…what is a secret shopper?

A secret shopper is someone who poses as a "regular" customer and visits a business to provide an evaluation to the business owner to help him or her improve their guests' experience. Companies rely on Service with Style's shoppers to perform evaluations and submit their findings via an online, detailed questionnaire. The shoppers not only have the opportunity to enjoy a meal, drink, or whatever item or service is being observed, but they are also reimbursed for their expense to do so. Observations might consist of a phone call, a hotel stay, a bar visit, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a seminar, a gym membership, or shopping at a retail store. Secret shoppers must be at least 21 years of age and be objective, honest, reliable, accurate, and professional.

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